Caters to your every need in global employee mobility. Amsterdam Business Staffing is a high level expatriate payroll company which enables your organization to bring your best people to the work floor in the Netherlands.

Due to years of experience and understanding of the Dutch labor, tax –and social security laws we ensure that the accurate documents are in place and that the requirements are met for your Highly Skilled Migrant employees. We can place your people on the work floor within a very short time.

What we offer:

  • Service and guidance regarding obtaining visa, permits, social security numbers (BSN) and 30% ruling
  • An on time and accurate payment process
  • Providing high class service as a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Amsterdam Business Staffing is a recognized sponsor at the IND and we handle all administrative and legal matters with regard to global mobility. We can provide you with ad hoc employment mobility solutions with a fast and smooth transfer to the Netherlands for your employees and his/her dependents.

Your benefits:

  • Amsterdam Business Staffing is a recognized sponsor at the IND (registration number 33300166)
  • You don’t need to offer the knowledge migrant a fixed contract for the first 5,5 years
  • In-house knowledge and expertise as a specialist in pay-rolling for highly skilled migrant employees
  • Certified: SNA, NEN 4400